My name is Arthur Brainville (Ybalrid on the web), I’m a french engineering student at ESIEA.

(If by any chance you don’t want this website, but my blog about Virtual Reality and other fun stuff, it’s on

You are currently on my portfolio. You’ll find here my different projects and realizations (personal or for school) in the domain of computer science, with a focus on video game technology and  virtual reality.

I’m a C/C++ developer (mainly) but I also write php, python, C# and Java. I also have sysadmin experience under GNU/Linux. I have a big interest in man-machine interface and virtual reality.

Also, one of my main domain of interest is systems programing, for low level/high performance application. That’s why my main programing language is C++. I’m also interested a lot into the language itself, and it’s newer standardization iteration (C++11, 14. upcomming C++17…)

I’m also a big user and supporter of   free/libre software. Most of my project are available on my GitHub under free license. You can consult my résumé GitHub (It’s not an actual resume, just a cool page generated from my public GitHub profile).

I’m impassioned by computer since… well forever. And I love to share my knowledge about theme. I’m part of the tech team of Kernel Panic Systems, the CS club of ESIEA,  where I help other students with trouble on their computers. I also participate in the organization of conferences and support courses at my engineering school.